EU research funds

Developing new technologies requires a great deal of financial expenditures, from conceptualisation to successful market launch. That is why the State of Bavaria made a commitment early on to promote the development of new technologies in companies. In doing so, Bavaria strengthens the innovativeness and economic fortitude of Bavarian SMEs and creates jobs in a sustainable manner.

In addition to significant national resources, there is also a considerable amount of EU funding available for promoting research, development and innovation.

Unlike the procedure in national research funding, the allocation of research funds out of the EU's budget takes place within a clear-cut time frame. Currently, this is Horizon 2020, which covers all of the community's measures for research, technological development and demonstration (RTD). Horizon 2020 makes a significant contribution to the Lisbon Strategy, which Europe intends to use for setting up the world's most competitive and dynamic economic region and implementing the European research area.

Horizon 2020 is specifically tailored to the needs and circumstances of small and medium-sized enterprises. This yields excellent opportunities when it comes to obtaining effective support for high class R&D, especially for Bavarian companies.

The EU consultancy network "Enterprise Europe Network" consists of 50 experts from ten Bavarian organisations. They provide assistance in questions regarding EU funding programmes, public procurement, developing new markets and fostering innovation. This new network is part of the EU Commission's overall concept for promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and growth among companies in Europe. This means that small and medium-sized enterprises from all business sectors will profit more from the potential harboured by the single market.

The Bavarian EU consultancy network is supported by the Bavarian Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. You will find an overview of consulting services on the "Enterprise Europe Network" website. 

At the Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency, a research funding consultancy service, the two partners Bayerische Forschungsallianz (BayFOR) and Bayern Innovativ - in collaboration with the EU's cooperation office - provide Bavarian companies and institutions of higher education with support and assistance in submitting requests for and implementing projects within the scope of Horizon 2020.

Bavaria accounts for around one fourth of all patent applications in Germany, making it the land of inventors. Small and medium-sized companies are particularly reliant upon their intellectual property being protected. That is why the Patents and Standards Centre provides SMEs with a comprehensive spectrum of information and service.

Access to innovative research results is vital for many small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why the Bavarian State Government supports the Bavarian Patent Alliance, which markets the inventions of some 17,000 university scientists in the natural sciences and engineering.