Renewable energies

As renewable resources, hydro and wind power, bio energy, solar energy, ambient heat and geothermal energy already make an important contribution to the energy supply. In this respect, Bavaria assumes a leading role in Germany. At approximately 18.8 percent, the current share of renewable energies in Bavaria's primary energy consumption is significantly higher than Germany's national average, which is 12.0 percent.

For an energy supply free of nuclear power, we must continue to exploit all economically and ecologically responsible renewable forms of energy available in Bavaria on a broad basis. To that end, priority is given to economically affordable, socially acceptable and simultaneously environmentally sustainable solutions. We focus on targeted funding of innovative technologies, also with regard to the affordability of the energy supply, thereby making an important economic and structural contribution to strengthening rural areas in Bavaria, which is where a majority of value creation in renewable energies occurs.

On the website pages for the individual energy resources, you will find the most important statements of the energy policy of the Bavarian State Government as well as information on the respective energy sources.

An overview of the objectives

  • By 2021, hydro power should cover around 17% (currently: approx. 15%) of energy consumption in Bavaria.
  • By 2021, local wind energy should cover 6% to 10% (currently: approx. 0.6%) of energy consumption in Bavaria.
  • By 2021, bio mass should cover 9% (currently: approx. 7%) of total energy consumption and around 10% (currently: approx. 6%) of Bavaria's electricity consumption. 
  • By 2021, photovoltaic energy should cover more than 16% (2009: approx. 3%) of Bavaria's electricity consumption with feed systems that are much more suitable with regard to the energy grid and energy load.
  • By 2021, solar thermal and ambient heat should cover approx. 4% (currently: around 0.5%) of total energy consumption in Bavaria.
  • By 2021, geothermal heat should cover around 1% (currently: approx. 0.2%) of total energy consumption and around 0.6% (currently: less than 0.1%) of Bavaria's energy consumption.