Natural resources

Bavaria's strategy for raw materials

Germany and Bavaria are among the regions of the world with scarce natural resources, and are therefore reliant upon imports. Our future key technologies particularly need special high-quality metallic raw materials that are indispensable to the production process. In June 2010, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs established a "Raw Material Strategy" inter-ministry work group to develop suitable measures and options for actions to secure Bavaria’s supply of raw materials. You will find detailed information on the Raw Materials Portal.

Domestic Natural Resources

Natural resources are essential for every industrialized state. Bavaria has particularly diverse resources of exploitable bedrock and loose rock, like sand and gravel, natural stone and ashlar, clay and industrial minerals, some of which are of excellent or unique quality. In Germany, Bavaria is the largest producer of raw materials in the pit and quarry industries in terms of diversity and volume.

However, Bavaria also taps natural energy resources, such as oil, natural gas and geothermal heat. Bavaria is one of the German states specializing in the subterranean storage of natural gas. The area south of the Danube harbours great geothermal (hydro thermal) potential, which can be used for deep drilling, currently down to 5,500 m, for the purpose of heat supply and power generation. Geothermal energy close to the surface (earth probe heat pumps) is a potential resource available throughout Bavaria.

The classic natural mining resources like gold, silver, copper, additional ores and industrial minerals, as well as coal, are no longer extracted today for economic reasons. The heritage of the more than 3,000 years of mining history in Bavaria, however, is still alive in the numerous visitor mines and visitor caves accessible for tourists.