Bavaria is one of the strongest economic regions in Europe and enjoys an excellent global reputation as high-tech location. The gross domestic product per capita is one of the highest worldwide. The employment dynamics outperforms that of all other German states. Bavaria offers employees the best job prospects and companies a highly qualified workforce. Bavaria is in the forefront of technical and economic progress with major international companies, strong medium-sized firms, and future-oriented research.

This success is no coincidence: the economic policy of Bavaria promotes sustainable economic growth with the objective to secure and expand economic prosperity in all regions of the country. The guiding principle is the social market economy. It combines entrepreneurial freedom, economic strength, ability to change and social responsibility. In the 21st century the social market economy remains the best answer to the challenges posed by globalization, demographic development and climate change.

The Bavarian economic policy focuses on liberty and personal responsibility, on the creative power of individuals. It is characterized by innovation, creativity and courage. The goal is a policy that offers opportunities and helps to tap Bavaria’s economic full potential. The Bavarian economic policy will continue to focus on growth, prosperity and quality of life. The goal is to mobilize all entrepreneurial potentials, unleash the creativity and knowledge of our citizens and develop the strengths of all regions.

In this way Bavaria will remain an engine of economic development in Germany and Europe.


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