Note on procuring informational material in times leading up to election

The respective pamphlet/PDF is published as part of the Bavarian State Government's public relations activities. It may not be used by political parties, candidates or election assistants for canvassing in the last five months prior to an election. This applies for state, national, local and European elections. During the said period, it is prohibited to distribute such information at electoral events or at a political party's informational booth. It is also prohibited to include this information in a political party's materials or to supplement this information with a political party's materials or advertising. It is prohibited to forward this information to third parties for the purposes of electoral advertising. This document also may not be used, even in times without a pending election, in a manner that could be interpreted as the State Government's partisanship to the benefit of an individual political group. Political parties are permitted to use this publication for informing their own members. Great diligence has been exercised in producing this publication. Irrespective of that fact, the creators disclaim any liability for the correctness and completeness of its content.