Clusters and Bayern Innovativ

Clusters in Bavaria

With its Cluster Initiative, the Bavarian State Government boosts the competitiveness of Bavarian companies in 17 key sectors. To this end, Bavaria has set up cluster platforms to network companies and research institutions operating in these sectors throughout the State. The clusters help companies to jointly develop products, optimise company procedures and conquer markets together. The clusters and their companies – in the meantime there are some 8,500 firms taking part – have become crucial stakeholders in the Bavarian innovation landscape.

With over 8,000 events and 464,000 participants, they enhance transparency in their respective fields of competence. In 1,100 individual projects, they network many small and mid-sized enterprises and also bring companies, which have previously invested less in research activities closer to scientific communities.
The clusters also provide support on globalisation issues and work closely with the Foreign Trade Department in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Bayern Innovativ GmbH [Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer]

Bayern Innovativ GmbH is the hub for innovation and knowledge transfer, cooperation platforms and networks. It initiates cross-sectoral and cross-discipline technology cooperation projects with academia, but also within industry, in order to open up avenues for new contracts, new lines of business and new markets and to develop new products and processes. Bayern Innovativ has a customer network of 55,000 companies and 500 institutes in 50 countries.

Bayern Innovativ develops concepts for conventions and forums, identifies current fields of innovation and secures speakers and exhibitors as well as participants from industry and science who are interested in the latest developments, pursue forward-pointing strategies and have a vision for their own business.
At Bayern Innovativ, knowledge transfer is continuously implemented by means of newsletters, e-letters, web portals, Congress TV and the Bayern Innovativ Journal. With a combination of cooperation platforms for personal contact and ongoing transfer of knowledge, Bayern Innovativ develops innovation networks with a hallmark of their own - regional, national and international.
Specific fields of business: