Organisation and Responsibilities

Bavaria - a competitive site

Our objective is to open up opportunities for the future of our citizens. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy focuses on maintaining Bavaria’s competitive edge as a business location, strengthening Bavaria’s economic performance, supporting startups and creating attractive employment opportunities. We are guided by the social market economic model, an economic system of freedom, social justice, and the future.

Ensure long-term prosperity and employment

We put emphasis on a high level of employment, quality growth, prosperity and quality of life. Our aim is

  • to mobilise all of Bavaria’s entrepreneurial forces,
  • unleash the knowledge and creativity of our people,
  • and reveal the strengths of every region in Bavaria.  

For this reason, we focus on maintaining a competitive business location

  • with an efficient network of large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses,
  • a healthy mixture of industry, skilled crafts and trades, trade and services,
  • a value added chain that is as complete as possible,
  • and employees with the best education and qualifications.  

Bavarian companies should be encouraged to invest in Bavaria. We want to promote business start-ups and gain foreign investors for Bavaria. At the same time, we support our companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses (our Mittelstand), in accessing foreign markets. 

This is how the Bavarian economy will continue to successfully master global competition in the future. We will continue to have every opportunity to maintain our leading position in growth and employment.

Creating optimal framework conditions

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy supports a broad range of activities in order to create optimal framework conditions for the companies and people of Bavaria.

  • Bavaria’s economic policy sthrengthens an innovative industry, high-performance skilled crafts and trades, modern services, and a booming tourism industry. Particular focus is laid on small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The task for regional policy and development is to ensure equal living conditions throughout Bavaria. For this reason, we want to maintain and create jobs and quality of life in all regions of Bavaria.
  • With our technology policy, we want to aim to Bavaria’s leading position among the high-tech countries of the world. Our state should also remain one of the most innovative regions of the world in the future.
  • The goal of our energy policy is a secure, affordable and environmentally compatible energy supply. This triad of energy policy objectives also remains our unwavering guiding principle for the accelerated transition of our energy supply system.

Social market economy as a guiding principle

This requires sufficient margins for independent action in terms of economic, energy, and technology policies. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy advocates for effective competition at the state, federal and EU levels. That means

  • it tackles the increase of market power and the abuse thereof and
  • supports limiting the overall tax burden,
  • cutting red tape and creating open spaces,
  • and promoting investment and innovation in a targeted way.