Areas of Responsibility

The following authorities are assigned to the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy:

Bavarian Competition Authority

The Bavarian Competition Authority is part of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Its responsibilities are administered by a department, which is also responsible for general competition policy and participates in drafting competition law. The State Competition Authority also carries out preventive efforts such as providing education and counselling.

Bavarian Ruling Chamber

Together with the Federal Network Agency located in Bonn, the Bavarian Ruling Chamber is responsible for regulating electricity and gas supply grids in order to meet fair competition requirements for electricity and gas supplies. In Bavaria, this function is carried out by the Bavarian Ruling Chamber.

Bavarian State Office of Weights and Measures

As a medium-level authority, the Bavarian State Office of Weights and Measures is responsible for enforcing the Metrology and Surveying Law. It oversees seven metrology offices and two surveying offices. 

Furthermore, the Ministry cooperates closely with numerous partners.

bayern design GmbH

bayern design GmbH bundles and promotes design activities in Bavaria. It acts as a network coordinator for issues and matters of design, which are an important part of everyday culture and a factor in corporate success.

Bayern Innovativ

Bayern Innovativ offers technology and knowledge transfer platforms for innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Bayern Innovativ develops and manages innovation networks and collaborates with the Bavarian Cluster Initiative .

Bayern International

Bayern International is an export-promotion company of the Free State of Bavaria for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bayern International supervises various projects within Germany and abroad to assist companies in all phases of the export process.  

Bayern Kapital

Bayern Kapital assists new Bavarian technology enterprises in gaining easier access to venture capital for the conceptual design, development, and market launch of new products


BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH is the official marketing institution of Bavaria’s tourism and leisure industry. It offers effective marketing platforms to facilitate target-group oriented development in both domestic and international markets. Its work centres on attracting new guests to Bavaria and thereby securing tourism as a key economic driver.  

Invest in Bavaria

Invest in Bavaria is the central starting point for investors in Bavaria. Domestic and foreign companies can obtain information here free of charge and receive support in establishing or expanding their businesses in Bavaria. Its location marketing activities and the comprehensive support it provides to companies make Invest in Bavaria an essential component of Bavaria’s proactive economic policy.  

LfA Förderbank Bayern [LfA – Bank for the Advancement of the Bavarian Economy]

LfA Förderbank Bayern is Bavaria’s credit institution for the comprehensive advancement of the Bavarian economy. It works together with the state government, associations, and commercial banks in a competition-neutral and efficient manner to give positive impulses to Bavaria as a business location.