Development policy

The objective of the State of Bavaria's development cooperation work is to do everything within its power to fight poverty, to foster a sustainable and peaceful development throughout the world, and to raise international understanding. The living conditions for people in developing countries and emerging markets need to be improved and good governance has to be strengthened.

The State of Bavaria is active in development cooperation in multiple ways, covering a great variety of fields. They comprise: good governance, political and institutional consulting, sustainable economic development, climate protection, environment and energy, scientific-technological cooperation, food safety and rural spaces, urban development and construction, as well as culture, migration and development. The corresponding measures are implemented by the various ministries and the State Chancellery.

The collaboration with selected countries and regions occurs in a spirit of partnership, strengthens the partners’ concept of responsibility, provides help for self-help and accounts for subsidiarity and compliance with international conventions and standards. 

Maintaining and cultivating relationships with the State of Bavaria's partner regions play a special role, as there is a great mutual interest in collaboration. Furthermore, the State of Bavaria is also open to cooperation with other countries.

Development work in Bavaria

It is important to the State of Bavaria to establish better understanding among the local population for the problems in developing and emerging market countries to foster global relationships and to create mutual dependencies, thereby enhancing a sustainable development worldwide. That is why international activities are supplemented with domestic projects, such as programmes in and outside of schools, network building and collaboration with non-governmental organisations from the One World network.