Cultural and Creative Industries

Bavaria: The Number One in Media

Munich and Bavaria have always been and will always be the number one choice for media companies. Despite numerous challenges, the media industry looks ahead optimistically. The majority of companies evaluate the current situation as “satisfactory” or “good”. In regard to their own business development, a vast majority of ICT and media enterprises in Bavaria also expect positive rates of growth or at least stagnation. As media segments merged into digital forms of distribution, changed user behaviour and mobile terminal equipment entail various new opportunities for the media industry.

Press, advertising market or music industry: Those are just a few sections of the multifarious cultural and creative industry, which involves the commercially oriented part of culture. Operations side companies deal with the generation, production, distribution and spreading of cultural and creative goods and services via the media.

Sections of the cultural and creative industries

The cultural and creative industries are not a homogenous industrial sector. They consist of eleven different sub-segments, which are united by the fact that they are all related to creative and artistic contents in a commercial sense. The cultural and creative industries comprise of the following segments:

  • Press market
  • Book market
  • Art market
  • Radio broadcasting industry
  • Film industry
  • Music industry
  • Design industry
  • Performing Arts industry
  • Architecture industry
  • Software and games industry
  • Advertising market

In 2009, Bavarian cultural and creative artists generated an overall turnover of 29.4 billion euros. All in all, about 179,000 people were employed full-time, 45,000 of them were either self-employed or entrepreneurs. Thus, more people were employed full-time in the Bavarian cultural and creative industries than in credit business or the insurance or chemical industry. Altogether, 280,000 employees were tied up in this sector.