Economic policy

The objective of Bavaria's economic policy is to foster sustainable economic growth in the state; to create attractive incentives for employment, training and education; and to secure and enrich the population's well-being throughout all regions in the state.

The model of a social market economy is our guiding principle. It combines entrepreneurial freedom, economic performance and social responsibility. A social market economy is also the best response to the 21st century challenges presented by globalisation, the transformation to a knowledge-based industrial and service society, demographic shift and climate change.

Bavaria relies on calculability, continuity in economic policy and partnership within the area of entrepreneurship. The dual strategy consisting of continuity and innovation supplies a competitive and future-oriented economic structure in industry, skilled trades, commerce and the services industries.

Bavaria makes excellent use of its potential in economic policy and has been a front-runner for growth in Germany for decades. GDP per capita is among the highest in the world. With the lowest unemployment and the strongest employment dynamics, Bavaria delivers the best labour market statistics among Germany's states.