Media Literacy

The world of media is colourful, alluring and full of opportunities. However, developments in the area of information and communications technologies (ICT) make this digital world more and more complex and unclear. Against the background of this trend, media education and the communication of media literacy play a very important important role.

Reflected, responsible media consumption and active use of media are among the key qualifications of today´s society. Therefore, it is the aim of modern Bavarian media policy to increase the media literacy of children, teenagers and adults.

Exemplary projects are the Bavarian Media Usage License and the Advisors´ Network for Media Education, which are conducted in close cooperation with the Bavarian Media Education Foundation and the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting. Since 1998, the Southwestern Research Association for Media Education has collected basic data in its studies in regard to how teenagers should handle the media and information in general.