Digitisation & Media

Digitisation of the economy is the driver for innovation in the 21st century. The advances in information and communication technology (ICT) and the rapid development seen in the Internet and its applications are leading to profound changes in business and society. This phenomenon is opening up unique opportunities for a sustainable growth spurt and diverse new employment opportunities in Bavaria.

  • Digitisation spurs automation and represents a quantum leap in information processing.
  • It leads to more efficiency and a higher level of flexibility in business, thereby facilitating higher productivity. This creates numerous jobs and more prosperity.
  • Digitisation makes new value creation chains possible, which everyone in the Bavarian business community - from workshops to "global players" - can turn into new products and services.

With BAVARIA DIGITAL, the Bavarian State Government is delivering a new level of quality in the policies that make Bavaria a great place to do business. It is strengthening the competitiveness of Bavarian companies so that they will continue to have a head start in the international competition for innovation in the future as well.